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Common Questions

Why do people go into buying a hospitality business:

  • ​To control their own future

  • To take advantage of their skills and abilities

  • To make money

Will the bank actually support you with business finance?

The short answer is yes, but the trick to getting approved and borrowing the amount you need means having experience, a business plan and good security.

The ideal situation is for your new business to borrow the money, and your new business to make the loan repayments from the profits. Then in the end, you own the entire business and when you sell it, you get the lump-sum amount.

How do I find the right business to buy?:

Our brokers will help you narrow down a short list of businesses for sale that suit your goals, and advise you with your research.

  • We will also recommend solicitors and lawyers that we work with and trust.

  • We will assist and advise you with your research and investigation

  • We will recommend experts in law, business accounting, and finance

What is Due Diligence?:​


Due diligence is used to investigate and evaluate a business opportunity. The term due diligence describes a general duty to exercise care in any transaction. As such, it spans investigation into all relevant aspects of the past, present, and predictable future of the business of a target company.

Due diligence sounds impressive but ultimately it translates into basic common sense success factors such as "thinking things through" and "doing your homework".

I found a business to buy, now what?.


Our brokers are dealing with people buying and selling businesses on a daily basis and you can be confident that we will guide you through every step of the buying process.

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