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Buyers ask a lot of questions when looking at buying a business, so it’s a good idea to have your business documents organised and up to date.


Below is a guide to the type of information that is asked for by buyers:


Finances and assets

  • Financial statements (for as far back as possible) – cash flow statements, annual turnover, and profit and loss statements

  • Details of physical assets such as equipment, and stock

  • Details of other assets such as goodwill towards the business and intellectual property


Legal information

  • Legal documents such as leases and insurance policies

  • Registration papers such as business name certificates, Australian Business Number (ABN) registration papers, licenses, and permits.


Business profile

  • Business history such as start date, ownership changes, and location changes

  • Sales information such as reports and forecasts

  • Market conditions such as details of competitors, and how your business compares to them

  • Business documentation such as marketing, staff roster and customer service procedures

  • Other such as opening hours

Staff, Supplier, and Customer information

  • Employee details such as job descriptions, skills and pay rates

  • Supplier details such as supply agreements and supply prices

  • Customer details such as customer numbers, customer profiles and direct marketing activities

Check List

The next steps directly after we have listed your business will be for you to have the following information ready for buyers that are showing a keen interest in looking at your business.

The information is also required for due Diligence by buyers

  • Roster showing all staff including if the owner is on the roster. ̈ Staff pay rates

  • Business registration

  • Full equipment list

  • Invoices from coffee supplier to prove amount of coffee purchased

  • Full lease

  • Profit & Loss showing turnover, cost of goods, outgoings, wages, profit, and costs ̈ BAS Statements

  • Proof of daily takings

  • Rental Invoices

  • Electricity Invoice

  • 4 weeks actual till receipts

  • Proof of insurance cover

  • BAS Statements

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